250 g


100% dried and ground algae lime (Lithothanium Calcareum)

Analytical components:

Crude protein 0.5%, crude fat 0.5%, crude fibre 1.0%, crude ash 93.5%, calcium 33.0%, phosphorus 0.2%, magnesium 2.2%

Supplementary feed for dogs

Our all-natural algae lime is free of preservatives

Application / dosage recommendation
per animal and day:

Cats and small dogs (up to 5 kg):    daily 3 heaped knife tips
Medium sized dogs (10 to 25 kg):    daily 3 - 5 g
Large dogs (from 25 kg):                  daily 6 - 9 g
(1 teaspoon = about 3 g)

Protect from light, do not store above room temperature,
store in tightly closed container.



Our pure algae lime is extracted from the marine algae “Lithothanium Calcareum”. Algae lime is suitable as a natural source of calcium especially for meat feeding or BARFing. This naturally compensates for the conditionally high phosphorus content of the meat. Algae lime is particularly suitable for dogs and cats with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract, which often relies on a calcium source other than bone. Also suitable for pregnant bitches and puppies.


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