400 g


100% Calcium carbonate. 

Analytical components:

calcium from natural limestone 36%, hydrochloric acid insoluble ash 9%

Application / dosage recommendation
per animal and day:

Cats & small dogs (up to 5kg): daily 3g
Middle dogs (10 – 25kg): daily 6g
Large dogs over 25kg: daily 9g

(1 teaspoon = about 3 g)

Suitable for pregnant or lactating bitches. From the 30th day of pregnancy, the dosage should be doubled.

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Calcium carbonate is an important supplier of the mineral calcium. Calcium is the highest-volume mineral substance in the body. Calcium salts build up the skeleton and ensure its firmness. They are a main component of cartilage substances and teeth. Our calcium carbonate consists of finely ground limestone, which has a high bio-availability and can therefore be easily absorbed and utilized by the organism of the dog or cat. Suitable as a natural dietary supplement for dogs and cats.


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