250 g


Ground zeolite clinoptilolite 

Analytical components:

Raw ash 95.0%, moisture 5.0%

Supplementary feed for dogs 

Application / dosage recommendation
per animal and day:

Cats and small dogs (up to 5 kg): daily 1g
Medium dogs (10 to 25 kg): daily 2-5g
Large dogs (from 25 kg) per 5 kg: daily 1g additional.

(1 teaspoon = about 3 g)

Blend zeolite powder with a little water in the evening over the main feed. Allow at least 1 hour before administrating any medication.

Repeat this over a period of 6-8 weeks, preferably twice a year, or feed daily. 


Our pure, natural zeolite powder supplies the dog's body with valuable nutrients such as, silicon, calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. The natural uranium mineral from volcanic rock is not absorbed in the digestive tract of the dog, but, remains in the dog's body for about 24 hours and is then eliminated with the faeces. The naturally contained fibre substance (in the finely ground mineral) can have a positive effect on the intestinal activity of the dog. Zeolite can contribute towards:

• Purification and detoxification of pollutants
• a healthy bone metabolism
• supporting vital bodily functions
• cell protection and defense against free radicals
• a favourable acid-base balance 


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