250 g


Meat-bone meal from German origin 

Analytical components:

protein 50.3%, crude fat 12.8%, raw ash 27.4%, calcium 12.2%, phosphorus 5.9%

Supplementary feed for dogs 

Application / dosage recommendation
per animal and day:

• Up to 10 kg body weight:
BARF: 21 g, wet food: 10.5 g, dry food: 7 g
• Up to 20 kg body weight:
BARF: 24 g, wet food: 21 g, dry food: 10.5 g
• over 20 kg body weight:
BARF: 42 g, wet food: 24 g, dry food: 21 g

(1 teaspoon = about 7 g)

In pregnant bitches, double the dose from the 30th day of pregnancy according to the dosage recommendation
(= 2 x maintenance required)

In lactating bitches according to the following dosage recommendation:

• 4 puppies: 2 x maintenance
• 4 - 6 puppies: 4 x maintenance needs
• From 6 Puppies: 5 x maintenance needs 


The calcium naturally contained in meat-bone meal supports the maintenance and development of teeth, skeletons and bones. In addition to the high degree of flavour acceptance, our meat bone meal can positively support the digestion of your animal. 


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