Snack Sausage 80 g / Supplementary food


59% deer meat, 25% game offal, 5% sea buckthorn, 2% goose fat, 2% rosemary, 2% coconut oil, 1.5% brewer´s yeast, 1.5% L-carnitine, 1.5% ginko powder, 0.5% green-lipped mussel extract

Analytical constituents:

Crude protein 14.7%, crude fat 16%, crude ash 2.1%, crude fibre 1.1%, moisture 65.9%

Energetic feed value:

188 kcal /100g



Snack sausage made from 84% deer meat and wild innards, supplemented with coconut fat, brewer‘s yeast, ginkgo powder, green-lipped mussel extract, sea-buckthorn powder. Can promote blood circulation. Helps muscles, nerves, organs as well as strengthening the immune system and the joints. Supports osteoarthritis.


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