Best from beef, quail & lamb

400 g, 800 g


78% meat and offal (25% beef, 10% beef heart, 10% quail meat, 10% quail offal, 10% lamb 8% lamb hearts, 5% beef liver), 9.6% carrots, 5% sweet potato, 3% cottage cheese, rosehip powder, whole egg, eggshell powder, sea salt, banana powder, chamomile, yucca root extract, brewer‘s yeast, spirulina

Analytical constituents:

Crude protein 12.2%, crude fat 9.0%, crude ash 3.6%, crude fibre 2.0%, moisture 61.4%, carbohydrates 1.8%

Energetic feed value:

523 kJ/100g (125 kcal)
Ca = 0.27%, Ph = 0.22%

SENIOR suitable

The myth still holds that old dogs require a protein-reduced diet. This assumption is simply wrong. Older dogs especially have an increased need for high-quality protein, since the metabolism cannot naturally use protein as well. Our senior menu consists of high-quality proteins, a phosphorus-reduced composition, enriched with natural nutrients that contain a great deal of antioxidants, strengthen the immune system and stimulate the metabolism. Cottage cheese and chamomile make our menu especially stomach and gut friendly, brewer‘s yeast and spirulina not only strengthen the immune system, but also support in joint diseases.


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