with potatoes

• Single protein, 100% horse
• Cereal- and gluten-free

400 g, 800 g


90% horse (5% horse meat, 20% horse heart, 15% horse lung, 15% horse liver), 8% potatoes, safflower oil, eggshell powder

Analytical constituents:

Crude protein 14.2%, crude fat 7.7%, crude ash 3.2%, crude fibre 2.2%, moisture 68.5%, carbohydrates 4.2%

Energetic feed value:

544 kJ/100 g (130 kcal)
Ca = 0.22%, P = 0.17%

With this recipe it has been ensured that the potato proportion was kept as low as possible due to its high starch proportion. The meat proportion is 90%. Too much starch leads to a high blood sugar level, which in turn is among other things a risk factor for allergies, skin diseases and inflammations.


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